Distribution of Scholarship and Ramakrishna-Vivekananda-Vedanta Literature

March 6 , 2022

“A Scholarship of Rs.50,000 (NPR) and a few books on Ramakrishna-Vivekananda-Vedanta Literature was distributed among the 25 deserving students on different days, beginning on the auspicious occasion of 160th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda and ending on the auspicious occasion of Birthday of Swami Brahmananda, in order to keep the number of presence small due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Each student received a cash of Rs.2000 (NPR) along with a copy of the following  Nepali books on Ramakrishna-Vivekananda-Vedanta Literature:

1. Nepali translation of ‘Hinduism’ by Swami Vivekananda  published by Ramakrishna Ashrama Nepal
2. Nepali translation of ‘A Short Life of Sri Sarada Devi’ by Swami Pavitrananda  published by Ramakrishna Ashrama Nepal
3. Nepali translation of ‘The Hindu Way’ by Swami Samarpanananda  published by Ramakrishna Ashrama Nepal 
4. An original Nepali book ‘Vaidik Adhyatmik Divya Gyan Mala’ a premier on Hinduism based on the teachings of Ramakrishna – Vivekananda-Vedanta Literature, by Sri Bhuvan Pandey,  published by Ramakrishna Ashrama Nepal
5. Swami Vivekananda ko Jivani Ra Upadesh by Br.Amal published by Belur Math.”

The link to access a few pictures of the distribution is given below:

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